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Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation and Injury Management Program

Our service has a long and credible history of over 36 years in the management of work-related injuries both at a primary and secondary level. All of the eight independent practitioners are Workcover authorized.

The facility also has a fully equipped treatment room with qualified nursing staff in attendance for the carrying out of pre-placement assessments and treating workplace injuries on behalf of your doctor.

The doctors commitment to the management:

  1. to examine injured workers on your behalf and assess working constraints,
  2. to liaise with the injured workers treating doctor to obtain an agreement on working constraints if the treating doctor is not from our practice
  3. to ensure that we are aware of your works commitment to rehabilitation and the provision of suitable duties
  4. to follow up on visits if required
  5. to treat injured workers when no treating Doctor is specified (for minor injuries only)
  6. to refer the injured worker for specialized treatment when necessary
  7. to provide written reports on injured workers when necessary
  8. to liaise with the designated rehabilitation coordinator either at your place of work or the provider working on your behalf
  9. to provide pre-employment assessments on employees

If you wish to wish your Company to be part of our “Customised” worker management program, please contact the Consultant Practice Manager, Gary Smith at the Practice.

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