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Coordinated Veterans Care (CVC)

If you are you a Gold card holder, your doctor participates in the Department of Veterans’ Affairs Coordinated Veterans’ Care Program (CVC) which is an enhanced community care initiative that will provide additional support to veterans and war widows with chronic conditions and complex care needs, and who are at risk of hospitalisation though improved community based care, the CVC Program in intended to reduce hospitalisation.

The Coordinated Veteran Care program (CVC) is a DVA Program to better manage and coordinate primary and community care for Gold Card Holders.

  • The Program is targeted only at Gold Card holders most at risk of being admitted or readmitted to hospital.
  • The CVC program is focused on providing additional support for veterans with one or more chronic disease or conditions that have been identified as having complex needs.
  • Once eligibility requirements are met a comprehensive assessment is attended.

Please speak to your doctor if you wish any more information on the DVA Program.

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