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Practice Fees

The practice fees for Private Appointments with the Doctor of your choice are detailed below. If you do not wish a private appointment, the Practice bulk bills consultations.

Private Fee Schedule:

Item Private Fee Medicare Rebate
Standard Consultation $75 $38.75
Standard Consultation
(New Patient)
$85 $38.75
Long Consultation $140 $78.05
Long Consultation
(New Patient)
$150 $78.05
Prolonged Consultation $160 $110.50
Prolonged Consultation
(New Patient)
$170 $110.50
Newborns without a Medicare card
– Booked on the day
$52 $38.75


Private appointments can be made up to two weeks in advance, for any Doctor, any time but will close at 6pm the evening before the Doctors scheduled appointment session. Payment is required on the day of consultation.

The Practice has EFTPOS facilities and if you have registered your bank account details with Medicare, we can initiate the Medicare rebate into your bank account.

A cancellation fee applies if your private appointment is cancelled on the day of the appointment. There is no booking on the day and there is no bulk billing for these appointments’ – a private fee will be charged.