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Making an Appointment

Your doctor has a protocol on how you may be provided with an approximate time to see them from Monday to Fridays. These arrangements will not apply to Saturdays and Public Holidays. The details of the protocol are:

  • You will be able to come into the Hub from 7am and be provided with an approximate time to consult your doctor or any other independent doctor of your choice throughout the day.
  • Existing registered patients may make an online booking “on the day only” via our website. These appointments will open at 8am each day and these are limited. To make an online booking click here.
  • Existing registered patients will be able to make telephone bookings from 8am onwards for that day.
  • Anytime from 7am onwards you can come into the Hub and wait to see a doctor of your choice if they are available or the first available Doctor.

For continuity of medical treatment, your doctor encourages you to see them. You may request to see the doctor of your choice. Please advise our reception staff if other members of the family need to consult your doctor at the same time as this allows the relevant files to be available to your doctor to deal with each matter.

If you feel you need a longer consultation time with your doctor please feel free to advise the reception staff at time of making the appointment.


Your Doctor provides telehealth consultations to eligible patients. The eligible patient is one who has had a face to face consultation with a doctor at the Hub within the previous 12 months.

Telehealth consultations can be made by calling the Hub on the morning of the day you wish the consultation to occur. Telehealth appointments cannot be made on line.

Video Consultations will only be carried out with prior consultation with your Doctor.