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Results, Referrals and Requests

Results, Referrals & Prescription Requests

Your doctor does not accept requests over the telephone for prescriptions, referrals and pathology results. You are required to return to the facility to consult your doctor to receive these.

Your doctor does not respond to requests of medical information or appointments which have been sent to the Tindale Medical Hub via email address.

Pathology Results

Your doctor DOES NOT provide you the results of your pathology tests over the telephone.

Your doctor’s procedure is that, to obtain the outcome of your results you are required to return the facility to see your doctor or who initiated the request, as it is believed that better management of your health will be achieved.

The Hub will contact you by SMS (if consent if provided) or by telephone on behalf of your doctor if they wish to follow up the results of your test.

If you are a patient who wishes to know the results of your INR test, please contact the Hub between the hours of 4pm and 6pm for your results. This allows time for your doctor to review your result for management of your Warfarin.


Your doctor accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the storing of your X-Rays, Scans and Mammograms. These films remain the property and responsibility of you the patient and your doctor kindly requests that they are not to be left at the Tindale Medical Hub. They are an important part of your medical history. Your doctor keeps a copy of your report on your medical records.

If these films are left at the Hub for more than a 3-month period, they will be disposed of.