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Chronic Disease Management

Chronic Disease Management – The Tindale Clinic

Chronic Disease is the leading cause of death and disability in Australia with half of Australians having 2-3 risk factors for chronic disease. Half of Australians aged 45-64 have one or more chronic diseases, so with these statistics in mind the Practice and the doctor’s prides itself on its dedicated Chronic Disease Management Unit (CDMU) or known as The Tindale Clinic, which personally manages patients with a chronic disease on behalf of your doctor. This unit is led by a Care Co-ordinator along with a care team of three staff.

The focus of this Unit is based on the philosophy of “the patient centred medical home” with co-ordinated, integrated care being provided by educated, skilled and qualified staff to manage the needs of the patient with a chronic disease under supervision of your doctor.

Your doctor recognises the importance of incorporating local allied health professionals as part of managing the patient’s ongoing chronic disease. If you have a diagnosed chronic disease and are part of our service recall and reminder system, you will receive ongoing care personally managed by your doctor and the dedicated team. This will include personalised telephone calls and any follow ups from the care coordinating team or your doctor along with priority appointments. Allied health professionals provide direct patient care, rehabilitation, treatment and health improvement interventions to restore and maintain optimal physical, sensory and psychological health.

Our care coordinating team works in with the relevant health professional under the direction of your doctor, to develop a personalised treatment plan that best fits the needs of each patient, to ensure all aspects of health management are appropriately considered.

If you are a new patient to the Hub and have a chronic disease, please let your doctor know and you will then become a part of the “Tindale Clinic” program.


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